Site Promotion – A Comparison Of Ezine Marketing And Article Marketing

Ezine marketing is good, and can even be very effective if the right ezine is targeted. They are good for short-term traffic, but not long-term traffic. You won’t really receive much long-term traffic from ads on the sites on an ezine ad broker like ’2 Bucks An Ad’ because your ad is situated alongside hundreds of other offers. And eventually it gets relegated because newer offers keep coming in.

You can make some money from ’2 Bucks An Ad’; people have done it, but it’s not going to shake the world. If it was that easy to push out an ad and make hundreds of dollars overnight, Internet marketing would be dead easy. Unfortunately, it rarely is.

Sure, ezine advertising sounds easy. Pay, submit your ad, and watch the traffic and sales come pouring in. It doesn’t always work like that.

The thing with article marketing is it’s long-term traffic. And that’s what you want for a consistent income. Plus, it builds credibility and branding if you have well-written articles.

Outsourcing for articles is a great strategy to consider if you want to do any form of article marketing. It does save a heck of a lot of time especially if writing is not your thing.

So, my verdict? Do both, but focus on article marketing as a long-term strategy and ezine advertising as a short-term strategy. Remember that, and you can’t go wrong. Article marketing does cost effort, and it may even cost money, but it will deliver better results on the long-term. It will deliver traffic that just rolls in on autopilot.

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